Accident Prone Areas of District Sangrur

1 Bus stand Channo (1/2 Km both sides Bhawanigarh)
2 Bus stand Kalajhar (1/2 Km both sides Bhawanigarh)
3 Bus stand and canal bridge Nadampur.
4 Bus stand Baldkalan (1/2 Km both sides Bhawanigarh)
5 Bald Kachian (T-point Nabha, T-point Samana Bhawanigar)
6 Octroi post Sangrur side to Patiala road Octroi post including bazaar Bhawanigarh.
7 IAL factory T-Point Harkishanpura Bhawanigarh.
8 Bus stand Majhi (Bus stand miner bridge Nabha side)
9 T-Point Phaguwala and Sunam road Gurudwara Phaguwala Bhawanigarh
10 Bus stand Ghabdan to IAL factory Sangrur.
11 Bus stand Khurana (1/2 Km both sides Sangrur)
12 College Road Janta Petrol pump to drain bridge Patiala road Sangrur.
13 By pass T-Point Dhuri road to T-point near Karaon factory.
14 Railway Fatak dhuri road to Janta Petrol pump Sangrur.
15 Barnala chowk to octroi post Barnala road Sangrur.
16 Canal branch bridge to drain bridge Badrukhan.
17 Drain bridge Bahadupur to canal branch bridge near bus stand Bahadur pur Sgr.
18 Drain bridge mehlan road to IOC Sangrur.
19 Hotel Moon light to drain bridge dhuri road Sgr.
20 Bus stand Bhangawali to Ladda kothi Sgr.
21 Mehlan chowk Sunam.
22 T-Point Sangrur to T-point Sheron Bhikhi road Sunam
23 Cheema curvy from bus stand kotraamru to petrol pump cheema.
24 Octroi post Sangrur to Octroi post Patran road Dirba.
25 Octroi post sangrur road to by- pass road upto Octroi post M.kotla road dhuri.
26 Drain bridge bardwal to canal bridge bhawanpur
27 Bus stand bhasaur (1/2 Km both sides Dhuri)
28 Bus stand kararwal Dhuri Barnala road.
29 Bus stand Sanghala (1/2 Km both sides M/Kotla).
30 Drainbridge M/Kotla to Octroi post Ldh road to octroi post and by pass.
31 Bus stand Bhaogiwal (1/2 Km both sides )
32 Kupkalan bus stand Kupkhurd.
33 Bus stand akbarpur Channa (1/2 Km both sides Ahemdgar)